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“The [Feministing Editors] are all intelligent, courageous women who are effective at talking about feminism and a wide range of feminist issues with all kinds of audiences.  Their visit did more than inspire students, answering their questions about things like how to be a feminist activist, how to use one’s voice effectively as a writer, how to have a feminist birth experience, or how best to use one’s college experience to develop into a skilled and active feminist.  They also confirmed that feminism is NOT dead, but is alive and kicking, among women of all generations.  It was a great pleasure to have them here, and I highly recommend them for all college campuses!”

- Professor Kim Miller, Wheaton College, Norton, MA

Since the Fall of 2009, Feministing has been traveling to college campuses, community organizations, and BBQ joints across the country and internationally, provoking a dialogue on the state of the feminist movement(s) today. We discuss a range of topics as diverse as we are, from the “war on women” to transgender liberation, from building consent culture on campuses to racial justice, from online activism to Beyonce. And we’re hitting the road again for our fifth year!

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Between attacks on abortion access, popular culture, and a rapidly shifting movement, there’s lots to discuss. Feministing’s 10th anniversary is coming up in April 2014. As we approach this milestone in the life of the blog, we’re asking ourselves questions about the state of feminism: how has the movement changed over the past decade, both online and off? Where’s it going next? What we can do to keep building power and winning feminist victories? We’re excited to bring these conversations to your campus.

The keynote panel features members of our award-winning editing and writing team  covering a range of hot topics followed by a lengthy Q&A. We also invite a student panelist from your campus to bring a local perspective. Additionally, we can conduct interactive workshops on blogging and online activism for student or community groups. Feministing sees spreading the word about the activist potential of blogging and educating people about the tools to make it happen as central to our mission. Click here to learn more about the individual speakers.

We work with a number of different budgets to suit a variety of groups’ needs. If you’re interested in bringing Feministing to your center, campus, or organization, contact jos AT feministing DOT com for more information on fees and availability. (The sooner you get in touch with us, the better–we’re booking Fall and Spring events now!)

Zerlina speaking on campus tour

Questions we pose to one another and to the audience include:

  • How is the failing economy changing our movements?
  • What can we do to end sexual assault on college campuses?
  • How has the internet transformed feminist organizing?
  • Is there such a thing as “women’s issues” anymore?
  • How do we build a feminist movement that centers the needs of trans women and people of color?
  • How do we turn the tide of anti-choice victories at the state level and start winning abortion access victories?
  • Is feminism today still a bonafide movement? If so, where’s the movement “moving”? Is there a fourth wave?

Additionally, we’ll be blogging on Feministing about tour highlights along the way and featuring guest posts by student panelists we bring onto our sessions–giving worldwide attention to the work of your center and/or campus.

So if you’re thinking about bringing Feministing to your center, campus or organization, contact jos AT feministing DOT com for more information on fees and availability!

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